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I’ve conducted some minimal internet searches and found that these paintings by Brooklyn-based artist, Shane McAdams, have already made their way around the blogosphere. With that said, they are too amazing to not share with those that may have missed out on them (myself included) the first time around. Each of the paintings were created [...]

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A few of my favorite designs from Lotta Nieminen’s portfolio. Learn more about Lotta and her minimalist design style in this article by Print Magazine, which selected her for it’s annual New Visual Artists review (2010), highlighting 20 international rising designers under the age of 30.

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I’m currently in admiration of this bubble chandelier by Pelle. I’m most often drawn to design that pairs contrasting elements. In this instance, the grouping of the individually delicate glass globes into a large cluster and joining them by an industrial, roped cord creates a desirable contradiction within the design. The contrast of the fragile [...]

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There are three reasons I made this post: 1. It’s halloween. 2. I like skulls. 3. How badass are these paintings by Ben Quilty?  

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