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It’s true — I’m the confetti culprit. And, yes, this is what the entire 1,350 square-feet of studio floor looked like post-party. We ended up spending over eight hours on our hands and knees sweeping and scrubbing the floor to get the space clean. BUT — The ‘fetti was worth it. It always is. Cheers [...]

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I would never wish the past away, but 2011 was a bit of a rough one for me. I’m looking forward to celebrating a fresh start this weekend and bringing in 2012 with a bing, bang, boom — preferably a boom. Annnnnd . . . while we’re on the topic of celebrations, what are your [...]

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I seriously, seriously, seriously can’t get enough of Autumn De Wilde’s work. I could look at it day and night (which I sort of, kind of, do). RODARTE / still life for MOCA – states of matter

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Peter Larson recently photographed The Spring Standards. Digging the metallic, yellow, redhead combo pretty hard.

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I have always been drawn to this print made by Julia Kostreva to promote The Dirty Projectors tour. To create the rock, she collaged personal photos of condensation on the window, grass in the snow, windshield reflections, and other photographs.

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Gold edition film from Impossible. Fancy pants.

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Currently thinking about how much I’d like to add a print of this image to my collection. The photo was made by my former college roommate and friend, Ms. Knape.

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Laid low these past few days and really enjoyed it. For your weekend . . . Assorted Internet Chocolates: + Tourneau has teamed up with J.Crew to revive a little-known Swiss watchmaker, Mougin & Piquard. The watches are based on a cache of sketches from Mougin & Piquard’s archives. It makes me feel all warm and [...]

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Peter and I spent some time in his studio this week photographing products for JASPR. It always feels revitalizing to spend a day away from the computer and still be productive. And, for your weekend . . . Assorted Internet Chocolate: + I thoroughly enjoyed this article featuring Ellsworth Kelly for Interview magazine. I was also surprised [...]

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This image was made in late October of last year. I sound like a number of my elders when I say this, but, where has the time gone? As I’ve gotten older, it seems as though one year is equivalent to one week. For me, the changing seasons are a constant reminder that time marches [...]

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