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I would never wish the past away, but 2011 was a bit of a rough one for me. I’m looking forward to celebrating a fresh start this weekend and bringing in 2012 with a bing, bang, boom — preferably a boom. Annnnnd . . . while we’re on the topic of celebrations, what are your [...]

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I seriously, seriously, seriously can’t get enough of Autumn De Wilde’s work. I could look at it day and night (which I sort of, kind of, do). RODARTE / still life for MOCA – states of matter

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Peter Larson recently photographed The Spring Standards. Digging the metallic, yellow, redhead combo pretty hard.

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I’ve had my eye on this lamp by Crate and Barrel for some time now. It’s just so perfectly perfect I can’t help myself. I’m sure you can only imagine my excitement and the site of me running around doing cartwheels* and triple backflips** when I discovered that, Bri, of Designlovefest, has teamed up with [...]

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Admiring these wooden cube sculptures by Azadeh Shladovsky. Read an interview with her here.

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I think I’m going to shamelessly steal this look from Madewell’s denim designer, Jac. My mom used to always tell me that when someone copies you, you should take it as a compliment. So, maybe, just maybe, Jac can find it in her heart to not be angry with me and simply realize I only [...]

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Christmas is here! You can find me in a food coma, laying in front of the fire, surrounded by my presents. Assorted Internet Chocolates I’d love Santa to stuff this stocking for me. With this Mr. and Mrs. Muse ornament set. And wrap my presents in faux bois wrapping paper. The great debate: White or [...]

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Grace, of Design*Sponge, recently blogged about Matter, a weekly design destination of hers based in Manhattan. I clicked through the post to view and learn more about Matter and I have yet to stop drooling over EVERYTHING featured on the website. Above, a few of my favorites.

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One day, I will steal all the rugs from loom, spread them out on the floors of my abode and endlessly roll around on them feeling every fiber of their magnificence. (Partially joking, mostly serious)

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Copehagen Waistcoat by Toast. One of the many items I’d love to own from the UK company.

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