Laid low these past few days and really enjoyed it.

For your weekend . . .

Assorted Internet Chocolates:

Tourneau has teamed up with J.Crew to revive a little-known Swiss watchmaker, Mougin & Piquard. The watches are based on a cache of sketches from Mougin & Piquard’s archives. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when old becomes new.

Dakota AND Elle as Terry!

CPOY results! And, in the words of K.Brown: “Ohio University . . . boss as always.”

+ I have loved Rookie Mag from day one and this recent article about The Babysitters Club now makes the ladies of Rookie numero uno in my book for at least the next two weeks (or months, or years). Is it weird that I still have the BSC movie on VHS? Maybe. But, Rookie makes me feel like I’m just that much more awesome for it.

+ I actually might have to experiment with this idea. Thanks, Martha!

Will dropouts save America? Let’s hope!

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