I know I was JUST raving about Rookie Mag + Co a week or two ago, but, I must go on a crazy tangent once again about how much I love the ladies over there. How kickass are these images? Rookie asked their readers to submit photos of their own girl gangs and then featured them on their site. It’s so awesome to see a group of young women promoting individuality and girl power. ROOOOOOKIE!

For your weekend . . .

Assorted Internet Chocolates

Fashionable and functional. My paws would be so pleased. (via

Like the boys. GQ, I really do love everything about you.

Porcelain and leather. Debatably a better combo than spaghetti and meatballs. (via

THIS floor.

Home. In a Pyramid. Above Seattle. Seriously. Look!  (via

Have you guys seen this? Anything that combines music and design is my cup o’ tea.


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I / II

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Two years ago, A Kind of Disguise made a trip to the middle east and bought used carpets from countries around the Persian Gulf. The carpets were then used to make a limited collection of 100 bags. Each bag is unique and handmade in Germany.

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Currently recovering from too much turkey. Who’s with me?

For your weekend . . .

Assorted Internet Chocolates

I’ve been suffering from blurry vision for the past month or two, so, I found the timing of this post to be chuckle-worthy.

Ohhhh yeahhhhhhh. Sexy type, sexy type!

What happens when two kick-ass companies from Oregon team up? They make things like this. They’re beauts!

gift guide that gives back.

Grand Central’s secret. This alone is worthy of an NYC trip.

Even the best have produced the worst.

The 724!

Ahhhhhh! This print totally gets me in the Christmas spirit. It also reminds me of my friend Lindsay, who strikingly resembled Ralphie as a child (it’s okay, she agrees and thinks it’s hilarious, too).

And finally, please don’t forget to shop small and USA-made this weekend! Browse this list for places to make your purchases!

Image above

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Gold edition film from Impossible. Fancy pants.

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“Los Caballos”
Bronze horses by Salvadore Dominquez.

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Currently thinking about how much I’d like to add a print of this image to my collection. The photo was made by my former college roommate and friend, Ms. Knape.

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Laid low these past few days and really enjoyed it.

For your weekend . . .

Assorted Internet Chocolates:

Tourneau has teamed up with J.Crew to revive a little-known Swiss watchmaker, Mougin & Piquard. The watches are based on a cache of sketches from Mougin & Piquard’s archives. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when old becomes new.

Dakota AND Elle as Terry!

CPOY results! And, in the words of K.Brown: “Ohio University . . . boss as always.”

+ I have loved Rookie Mag from day one and this recent article about The Babysitters Club now makes the ladies of Rookie numero uno in my book for at least the next two weeks (or months, or years). Is it weird that I still have the BSC movie on VHS? Maybe. But, Rookie makes me feel like I’m just that much more awesome for it.

+ I actually might have to experiment with this idea. Thanks, Martha!

Will dropouts save America? Let’s hope!

Image above

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Some women have a shoe fetish or bag fetish. I, on the other hand, have a big, fat, chair fetish. Therefore, stumbling upon chairsmith is probably going to be one of the worst and/or best things that has ever happened to me. Can anyone tell me what I have to do to sit in these chairs?

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I’ve conducted some minimal internet searches and found that these paintings by Brooklyn-based artist, Shane McAdams, have already made their way around the blogosphere. With that said, they are too amazing to not share with those that may have missed out on them (myself included) the first time around. Each of the paintings were created using ball point pens — that’s right, those long, cylindrical, plastic, ink-filled things you keep in your kitchen junk drawer. Awe-some.

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