I am here today to shamelessly admit that I, my friends, am a “Maxxonista.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, my own explanation: one who spends ridiculous amounts of time in TJ Maxx searching through thousands of items to find the few treasures that have miraculously, by some act of random fate, found their way to the buyer  (me) who was meant to have them all along (we were destined for each other) at a discounted price (the best part).

I know, I know — some people are totally judging right now. But, let me explain myself. There is an element of nostalgia to it all. Growing up in a rural area provided limited options for exposure to original clothing stores and interior design shops. Our choices for shopping when I was younger were limited to a run down mall and Walmart. So, I hope you can understand where I’m coming from when I tell you how excited I would be when my mom would want to make a trip to TJs. It was the one place that had some sort of variety and a few interesting things for me to look at, giving me a chance to form an opinion on style. I know that most people associate TJs with clothing, but, for as long as I can remember, I would walk through the doors and head straight to the back of the store for the home goods. To me, it was better than a candy store. I would always imagine one day having my own space to decorate.

Now that I’m actually at an age where decorating my own space is a reality, I realize that there are many more options for affordable home decorating and good fashion finds. With that said, I still have a special place in my bargain-hunting heart for my TJ finds. I’ve found some amazing buys over the years (ie: these horse head bookends [above] on clearance for $9.99, originally $40.00 each — boom!). I’m sure as I continue to peruse my local TJs I’ll have plenty of purchases to share.

Okay, I lied. Those who know me well are aware of my deep, dark, hoarding secret that I have boxes full of TJ finds that are waiting for their place in my own space one day. I’ll be sharing them here without a doubt.

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You and I both know I can’t resist these loafers. Why do you do this to me?

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So . . . about that chair fetish I have.

image source

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This sampling of your shoe collection makes me want to slip my feet into each and every pair.

Image via closetvisit.com

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It’s true — I’m the confetti culprit. And, yes, this is what the entire 1,350 square-feet of studio floor looked like post-party.

We ended up spending over eight hours on our hands and knees sweeping and scrubbing the floor to get the space clean.

BUT — The ‘fetti was worth it. It always is.

Cheers to the new year.

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I would never wish the past away, but 2011 was a bit of a rough one for me. I’m looking forward to celebrating a fresh start this weekend and bringing in 2012 with a bing, bang, boom — preferably a boom.

Annnnnd . . . while we’re on the topic of celebrations, what are your plans for new years eve? I’ll be traveling out of town to the great state of Ohio to spend it with some old university buddies and a few others.

Does anyone have resolutions? I’m usually HORRIBLE at sticking to them. On second thought, “horrible” doesn’t even do my repetitive resolution-breaking pattern justice. In fact, for the last few years I passed on even putting thought into making a new years resolution to break.

This year, I decided to give it a go once again in hopes of not bombing it like I always do.

Ugh — I’m so bad at this. But, maybe posting about it will inspire someone else who will actually find success with their resolutions.

So, here we go . . . my new year resolutions for 2012. I feel like I need a drum roll or something?

I. 30 things to stop doing to myself. Typically, I’m not one for the motivational, self-help article because they usually just make me feel like I’m doing everything wrong (which I probably am). With that said, I found a few tid-bits of advice in this one that make it worth the read.

II. Go outside. I desperately need to start making time for all things outdoors. I’m a definite workaholic and arguably a hermit. If I’m not careful, I might end up becoming a hoarder or something crazy like that. No offense to all my hoarders out there. If I lived closer to a flea market, I’d be scaling miscellaneous items I don’t need to get around my house, too.

III. Embrace and be proud that my work is rooted in the arts. At the end of the day, I create, and that’s something to feel good great about.

IV. As cheese ball as it sounds, after reading this article, I consciously want to make an effort to live life to its fullest. I’m done making excuses and whining about why today isn’t a good day. In the grand scheme of things, our time here is short and I think everyone forgets that all too often.

V. In 2012, I will surround myself more with the people I love. My friends (kick ass) and family (they kick ass, too) are an essential part of my life equation and I just haven’t been seeing enough of them lately.

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I seriously, seriously, seriously can’t get enough of Autumn De Wilde’s work. I could look at it day and night (which I sort of, kind of, do).

RODARTE / still life for MOCA – states of matter

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Peter Larson recently photographed The Spring Standards. Digging the metallic, yellow, redhead combo pretty hard.

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I’ve had my eye on this lamp by Crate and Barrel for some time now. It’s just so perfectly perfect I can’t help myself. I’m sure you can only imagine my excitement and the site of me running around doing cartwheels* and triple backflips** when I discovered that, Bri, of Designlovefest, has teamed up with C&B to do a giveaway of my beloved brass lamp. I’m pretty much the unluckiest S.O.B. on the planet, so, the odds are unfortunately not in my favor. A girl can dream, though, right? Keep your fingers crossed for me.

* I can’t do cartwheels (something to work on, I know).

** Can’t do triple backflips, either.

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Admiring these wooden cube sculptures by Azadeh Shladovsky. Read an interview with her here.

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