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Air as a Service

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At Jaspr Medical, we want to make it possible for every patient to access clean air. That’s why we’re providing Jaspr devices on a rental basis as part of our Air as a Service program. Now, you can create a pure-air practice for just $95 a month after a one-time security deposit of $250.

Experience the pure-air performance of a Jaspr, for a reduced cost

Why choose Air as a Service?

Our rental option is the perfect choice for any practice that wants to ensure the highest standard of air quality without the upfront purchase cost.

After an initial $250 deposit, each Jaspr device costs $95 per month to rent, across a 60-month contract term. That means you can fully outfit a 5 operatory practice with a Jaspr in each room for less than $500/month all-in.

With Jaspr Care warranty and filter replacements included, Air as a Service is an easy way to provide pure air to your patients at an accessible price.

Your Air as a Service package includes:

Free filters for your purifier, with automatic delivery.

Jaspr Care warranty (meaning if your device has any issues, we’ll replace it)

At the end of your contract, you can choose to continue renting the same Jaspr, or we can send you a brand new one to rent instead.

World-class Jaspr filtration, at a fraction of the cost

When you sign up to Air as a Service, you’ll receive one of our word-class Jaspr devices, just as if you were purchasing one. It’s the same purifier, but better value.

Meet Jaspr

  • 3-Step Filter
  • 5 Sensors
  • Smart Mode
  • Steel Body

Provide your patients with clean air, free of:

  • Bioaerosols

  • Gases

  • Viruses

  • Odors

  • Bacteria

  • Allergens

Air as a Service in three easy steps:

Make your security
deposit of $250

Sign the rental agreement,
and email it back to us

Receive your device and
start breathing easy

*$95 a month per Jaspr device, following an initial $250 security deposit.