Our story began with disaster response and wildfire smoke

Our founder, Mike, spent years in the wildfire and flood restoration sector, as well as air quality consulting, witnessing firsthand how much polluted air can damage people’s wellbeing.

Throughout his experience, he discovered that none of the conventional air purifiers on the market could make a meaningful dent in air quality — in disaster situations or even everyday life conditions. The only thing that worked was commercial-grade air scrubbers.

But no one wanted to keep a loud, ugly industrial machine running in their home, which meant there was no permanent solution he could offer. After cleanup, people’s air quality would just start to decline again.

So he decided to make something that would solve this problem. It had to have all the power and effectiveness of an air scrubber, but it also had to be quiet and beautiful — something that people would actually use.

And that’s why he started Jaspr.

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Meet our founder, Mike

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I’m deeply passionate about air quality, pollution, and how both impact our lives, and I love building environmentally focused companies with two core values that will never change: Empowerment and Transparency.

Mike - Jaspr Founder


Houses today are built like airtight bags, trapping particles inside

The energy efficiency movement of the 70s was great for reducing heating and cooling costs, but it had a detrimental effect on ventilation in homes. The use of vapor barriers to prevent air from escaping buildings has led to a lack of airflow and trapped harmful contaminants inside.

Houses today are so tightly sealed that there is little to no airflow to move pollutants from inside to outside. In addition, forced air furnaces contribute to the buildup of outdoor pollutants and allergens indoors, as they pull outdoor air into the home.

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We can survive


3 weeks without food

3 days without water

but only3 minutes without air


Let’s talk about the indoor air pollution problem

We all know outdoor air pollution is bad for us, but most people don’t know that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted (EPA). And we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Mold, pet dander, VOCs, toxins, allergens, and even the sprays you use to clean your home — it can all get into your lungs with each of the 17,000 breaths you take every day. At best, dirty air can make us uncomfortable; at worst, it can contribute to serious long-term health conditions.

The issue is clear: indoor air pollution is a crisis impacting millions of people, but no one knows about it.

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The majority of your exposure to outdoor air pollution actually occurs from the air you're breathing indoors.

Dr. Joseph Allen

Harvard Health Researcher

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