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Jaspr Air Purifier

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Medical-grade air purifier

It’s not just an air purifier that helps keep your health practice safe. It’s a medical-grade air purifier that delivers the highest level of performance for the most affordable price.

Rent a Jaspr for your practice

We also provide a rental option for health practices that want to ensure the highest standard of air quality without the upfront purchase cost or the responsibility of maintenance.

It’s called Air as a Service. This is how it works:

Rental term is 60 months, at the end of which you will have the option to renew your rental agreement with a new device. Learn more about Air as a Service


Room Coverage
1,250 square feet (open area)
1. Pre-Filter
Consist of anti-bacterial fibers mesh cloth and sterilizing non-woven in cylinder, intercepts particulates such as dust, hair and dander, etc.

2. H13 HEPA Filter
Our medical-grade H13 HEPA has a minimum performance of 99.97% removal of aerosols and particulates of any size in a single pass-- including pollen, mold spores. dust, pet dander, microbes, viruses, smoke and nanoparticles.

3. High Performance Activated Carbon Filter
Offers our best odor protection against VOCs and common odors from cooking, pets and smoke.
Air Flow
Fan SpeedCubic Feet per Minute (CFM)
1. PM 2.5 Laser Sensor
2. TVOC Sensor
3. Relative Humidity
4. Temperature Sensor
5. Light Sensor
31.5 x 11.5 in (H x D)
Functionality: Quiet Mode, Smart Mode, Timer
Control Method: Touch Panel
Fan Motor: DC Brushless Motor
Noise: ≤ 58dB
25 lb
Cold Rolled Steel
Clinical White

Meet and exceed industry regulations with HEPA

In the wake of COVID-19, many industry bodies are releasing guidelines around air quality in health practices.

While lots of these guidelines provide differing advice, one thing remains consistent: the importance of HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration.

This is established as the recommended air purification system by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). Similarly, the Center for Disease Control also suggests 15 ACH (air change per hour) is a minimum standard for surgical operating rooms.

Every Jaspr device contains a built-in H13 HEPA filter, and is designed specifically to maximize ACH (exact figures depend on the size of the area). Placing a Jaspr purifier in your practice means you’ll be compliant with industry regulations. It’s as simple as that.

A smart source of clean air

Jaspr devices are designed to be self-sufficient. Once you put them in smart mode, they’ll analyse air quality with PM2.5 & TVOC sensors and adjust the fan speed up and down as required. That means you won’t have to worry about constantly changing the settings.

Most importantly, when the Jaspr is in smart mode, it’s virtually silent – especially if the air quality is good.

This is important, because we want our devices to be patient-friendly and reassuring. They’re not a strange box in the corner making bizarre noises; they have a sleek, unobtrusive design.

Everyone feels comfortable sharing the room with a Jaspr.

JasprCareTM warranty

We know you need a source of clean air you can rely on. That’s why all our devices (purchased or rented) are automatically secured with our JasprCare warranty.

This lasts for 3 years for purchased purifiers, or the entire length of your term for Air as a Service users.

And JasprCare is inclusive of absolutely everything. If there’s any problem with your device, you simply put it in a box with prepaid return shipping, and we’ll send you a new one in exchange. You’ll never need to go without clean air again.

Clean the air between patient appointments and minimize fallow time

To ensure patient safety, and to meet CDC guidelines, you need to achieve a minimum of 15 ACH in all surgical operating rooms.

Jaspr’s powerful technology can do this in a matter of minutes – reducing the amount of time you have to leave fallow between patient appointments.

The process to turnover your operatory is simple. When your procedure is over and your patient leaves the room, you simply turn your JASPR to full speed while you perform your sanitizing.

The amount of time your Jaspr will need to achieve the appropriate ACH will vary depending on the size of your surgery (see chart).

See into your air with real-time optics

Jaspr devices are designed with total transparency in mind. They provide real-time air quality feedback with smart optics which allow everyone in the room to monitor air quality levels – and watch them improve as the purifier does its work.

Jaspr in more detail

Jaspr contains 5 sensors to monitor humidity, temperature and air quality, and is capable of air flow volume of 430 cubic feet per minute (CFM) on fan speed 4. Each device comes with a Quiet Mode, Smart Mode, Timer and AQI display for optimal transparency.

Jaspr uses a three-step purification system to deliver clean, safe air to an area of 1,250 square feet. This includes:

1. Pre-Filter
2. High Performance Activated Carbon Filter
3. H13 HEPA Filter


• Initial $250 per unit security deposit

• $95 per unit per month rental fee

Your Air as a Service package includes:

• Free filters for your purifier, with automatic delivery

• Jaspr Care warranty (meaning if your device has any issues, we’ll replace it)


What purification technology does Jaspr use?
1. A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, which is the most effective filter technology on the market. Only HEPA air purifiers can remove a significant amount of pathogens and pollutants from the air—99.97% is the minimum performance for HEPA filters against all particle sizes.
2. A layer of activated carbon traps and removes airborne VOCs, odors, gases and chemicals.
3. A pre-filter mesh captures larger particles, extending the life of the filters.
How many Jaspr purifiers do I need in my practice?
Jaspr provides coverage for up to 1,250 square feet. We recommend one purifier per operatory and one per waiting area for total coverage. Talk to a Jaspr expert to build an air quality strategy tailored to your practice.
Do you deliver?
Yes! We ship across North America.
What is your return/cancellation policy?
Typically we have a 30 days, no questions asked return policy. However, due to COVID-19 we are not able to accept returns or cancellations. ALL SALES ARE FINAL from time of purchase. We have changed our warranty policy to 3 YEARS, inclusive of ALL PARTS & LABOUR to compensate for the situation at hand.